Sven Gatz hands out the "Bronze Zinneke" to Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker

Published on 20.12.2021, 17:37

The Brussels Minister of Finance and Budget, Sven Gatz, who is also responsible for the Image of Brussels, today presented the Bronze Zinneke to Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker. The statuette, a copy of a work by Brussels sculptor Tom Frantzen, is, according to the minister, “a recognition of the merits of the world-famous dancer and choreographer, which radiate out to Brussels.”

Minister Sven Gatz, a long-time admirer, praised her as a cultural ambassador and advocate for Brussels: "Anne Teresa has received just about every important international award in the world of dance. The king has made her a baroness. She was awarded the Prijs voor Algemene Culturele Verdienste (General Cultural Merit Award), the most important cultural award of the Flemish Community. At the VUB she was awarded an honorary doctorate. With this Bronze Zinneke, we hope to give her the most sympathetic award, because it comes from the city that holds her in its arms and loves her the most."

The full press release can be found on Minister Sven Gatz's official website (in Dutch and French).