Rosas mourns the passing of Wolfgang Kolb (1956-2024)

Published on 21.03.2024, 18:53

In the early 1980s, Wolfgang Kolb recorded Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker’s very first dance solo, Violin Phase, on film.

In 1989, he made Hoppla!, a film adaptation of Mikrokosmos and Quatuor no. 4, two Rosas choreographies to music by Béla Bartók. This stunning dance film was shot on location in a modernist building by Henry Van de Velde in the city of Ghent (Belgium). Wolfgang Kolb’s camera beautifully captures the contrast between the stark architecture of the library building and the playful theatricality, rhythmical phrasing, and exhilarating energy of the dance.

Wolfgang Kolb was also the partner of Roxane Huilmand, a member of Rosas in the early years of the company. Roxane danced Rosas danst Rosas (1983), Elena’s aria (1984) and Bartók / Aantekeningen (1986). During this time, she also performed in Balatum (1984) by Michèle Anne De Mey and choreographed Muurwerk (1986). They went on to develop danscentrumjette in Brussels together.

We would like to extend our condolences to Roxane Huilmand, their children, family and friends.