Fase. Danced by Opera Ballet Vlaanderen

Published on 12.04.2024, 12:34

From the 23rd of May until the 12th of June, two sections of Fase, Four Movements to the Music of Steve Reich, Piano Phase and Clapping Music, will be performed by the dancers of Opera Ballet Vlaanderen, as part of a 5-part performance, including Trischa Brown’s Twelve Ton Rose and Jan Martens’ ON SPEED.

The Opera Ballet introduces the evening as  “Three generations, three choreographers, each having followed their own path, but who nevertheless built upon each other’s work, in more than one respect. In a perfect dialectic, they each in their own way reconcile reverence for music with equally exalted dance, rules with freedom, abstraction with recognisability, and virtuosity with minimalism.”

On view from the 23rd of May until the 29th of May in Antwerp and from the 6th until the 12th of June in Ghent.

More information on the website of Opera Ballet Vlaanderen. https://www.operaballet.be/en/programme/season-2023-2024/martens-de-keersmaeker-brown 

23-29.05.2024 FASE. DANCED BY OPERA BALLET VLAANDEREN Theater 't Eilandje, Opera Ballet Vlaanderen - Antwerp, Belgium

06-12.06.2024 FASE. DANCED BY OPERA BALLET VLAANDEREN Opera Gent, Opera Ballet Vlaanderen - Ghent, Belgium