A 33,200-strong audience for Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker during the Festival d’Automne à Paris

Published on 20.12.2018, 12:27

With the Festival d’Automne à Paris coming to an end, the ‘Portrait Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker’ drew an impressive audience of 33,200 people. The festival put Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker’s work in the spotlight in the fall of 2018. The portrait ran from September to December and included both new and repertoire work, a Slow Walk and various workshops.
The Paris festival showed 13 of the choreographer’s performances, spread out over 60-plus performances in 19 theatres in and around Paris. With these performances, the Festival d’Automne achieved a hall occupancy of 93% which translates into 33,200 people attending. The last performances, A Love Supreme and Achterland, are scheduled for the end of this week.

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