Frie Leysen (1950 — 2020)

Published on 23.09.2020, 15:50

It was with great sadness that Rosas learned about the passing away of Frie Leysen yesterday. Frie was a key figure in the Belgian and international cultural field, and has followed and supported the work of Rosas and Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker from the very beginning.

“Frie belonged to the very first generation that picked up my work in the early 1980s. Together we have a trajectory of about forty years. She was a bit of a sister, a friend, an aunt, a complice and a comrade in arms. She was one of the few women with a leading position in the field. She was a visionary with an incredible capacity for action. She gave me advice at crucial moments when I wondered what choices I would be making. Frie had an outspoken social drive: she had empathy, did not compromise and always underlined the importance of art. And she had an outspoken no pasarán mentality”.

— Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker