Dance Day 2021

Published on 23.04.2021, 16:00

Dance Day 2021

On the 24th of April, on the occasion of Dance Day 2021, VOD platform Avila and Rosas will highlight a total of four Rosas films. In the dance films Hoppla! (1989) and Achterland (1994), the choreographies of Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker are translated to the silver screen. Dance documentaries Rain (2012) and Mitten (2019), in turn, offer a unique look behind the scenes of the company.

Rain comes with English, Dutch and French subtitles, Mitten is available with English, Chinese, French, Italian, Dutch and Russian subtitles. Achterland and Hoppla! contain no dialogue. 

The films are available worldwide, an online entry ticket to one film costs €3.50, to all four €11.

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