Violin Phase

On January 22nd and 23rd 2011 Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker performed her solo piece entitled Violin Phase at MoMA (the Museum of Modern Art) in New York. Violin Phase is one of the four parts of Fase, four movements to the music of Steve Reich, a choreography created in 1981. 

Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker danced this choreography in sand, her movements creating a large circular motif on the floor of the Marron Atrium during the course of the performance. The performances were organized to tie in with the exhibition On Line: Drawing through the Twentieth Century, curated by Connie Butler and Catherine de Zegher. 

The extraordinary photographs in this book immortalize both the dancers movements and the composition she created while dancing. Catherine de Zegher and Erin Manning provide a written introduction to the publication.

Catherine de Zegher & Erin Manning

Max Vadukul

Graphic Design

Ilse Den Hond

New Goff, Ghent

Published by
Rosas, Mercatorfonds

Available in English only