Tippeke began as an impulse by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker and Thierry De Mey in 1996 to experiment with some leftover 16mm film. A nursery rhyme that De Keersmaeker used to recite to her son almost daily during the period formed the starting point, together with a movement sequence that she had recently worked out. The enthusiasm after the first film rushes ensured that the project gradually began to take more serious form. A minimal budget was assembled and the film was made in a few days with an exceptionally small team and minimal technical resources. Thierry De Mey also wrote the music for the film. Tippeke was initially a part of the show Woud, three movements to the music of Schönberg, Berg & Wagner. The music was performed live in the show and some dancers from the company also danced synchronically in front of the screen. Tippeke was also released onto the market later as a short film.

1996, 16mm, 18’, colour

Thierry De Mey
Choreography and dance
Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker
Thierry De Mey
In collaboration with
François Deppe, Serge Lemouton, IRCAM/Centre Georges Pompidou
Aliocha Van der Avoort
Aliocha Van der Avoort, Thierry De Mey
Boris Van der Avoort, Isabelle Boyer
Peter Pernt
Assistants to the director
Peter Pernt, Pascal Gigon
Produced by
In collaboration with Inscape, Thierry De Mey, Jan Roekens
Grand Prix Carina Ari of the Festival International Media Dance in Boulogne-Billancourt (2000).