Rosas is the dance ensemble and production structure built around the choreographer and dancer Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker. She immediately attracted the attention of the international dance scene with her 1982 debut Fase, four movements to the music of Steve Reich. Over the last 31 years, she has, with her dance company, created an impressive series of choreographic works. Rosas’ dance is pure writing with movement in time and space. At its heart lies the relationship between movement and music. In some productions, the relationship between dance and text is also examined. (Read more)


Rosas is one of the few companies with a permanent ensemble of dancers. Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker has opted decisively for an organisational model that transcends project-orientation, enabling continuing intensive work with each individual dancer. In the company’s major productions the whole ensemble appears on stage. In addition, there are smaller-scale productions in which De Keersmaeker herself dances. While creating new productions, Rosas also continues to perform the accumulated repertoire, which covers a time span of 30 years. In this way its own artistic past can be handed on to new generations of dancers and audiences.


Rosas has strong international connections. It performs at the leading contemporary dance venues in Europe and far beyond. With the Samuel H Scripps/ American dance Festival Award for Lifetime Achievement, Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker got one of the most important awards which until then, in Europa, was only handed out to Pina Bausch. At the same time, its continued presence in Belgium remains a priority. Alongside many years of partnership with the major national performing arts centres, Rosas makes a point of cooperating with a circuit of smaller venues. This way Rosas helps building a sustainable dance audience at home and abroad.


Rosas has set itself an explicit art education assignment and has over the years devoted a great deal of attention and energy to educational and participatory projects. Some of the projects such as Bal Moderne, P.A.R.T.S. or Workspacebrussels grew into independent organisations, by which new projects such as Dancingkids or Rondomdans could come into existence.


Rosas is an open house and shares its infrastructure not only with P.A.R.T.S., but also with the contemporary music ensemble Ictus, Workspace Brussels, the Summer Studios’ summer guests, and the numerous companies that rehearse in our studios. The available management, communication and administrative expertise is also put into guest projects developed in the slipstream of De Keersmaeker’s artistic course. This means the site in Van Volxemlaan in Vorst has grown into the perfect meeting place and breeding ground, where both young and established artistic talents encounter and enrich each other.



Rosas gets the support of the Flemish authorities.