Dark Red – Louvre-Lens

Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker / Rosas

Traveling through the history of art in Louvre-Lens’s Gallery of Time, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker addresses the notion of duration by focusing on walking as the most basic form of dancing—indeed, the fundamental common denominator of humanity in motion. On a path parallel to five thousand years of art history concentrated in one vast space, she presents an invitation to slow down, to feel the slightest of time’s inflections. It is a resistance to contemporary injunctions of speed, or, as in Brian Eno’s words, the passage of time and the ever more topical question of Another Green World (the title of his album from 1975).

Creating a choreographic answer to the collection and the architecture of Louvre-Lens, De Keersmaeker presents a group, a community, united by walking, on their way to something that is uncertain. They start with the most basic movement possible: a step forward, toward the bright, transparent space of the glass gallery designed by Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa, and its view of Bollaert stadium.

Concept & choreography
Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker
Danced by
Boštjan Antončič, Michaël Pomero, Rafa Galdino, Marie Goudot, Frank Gizycki, Jacob Storer, Lav Crnčević, Cynthia Loemij, Yuika Hashimoto, Laura Maria Poletti, Sophia Dinkel, Fumiyo Ikeda, Mamadou Wagué
Choreographic assistants
Diane Madden, Michaël Pomero
Another Green World, Brian Eno
As part of Opéra de Lille hors-les-murs, in co-creation with Louvre-Lens