In September 2008 Rosas started up the project RondOmDans in cooperation with two Brussels schools. This was a first step towards profound and long-term youth participation. We opted for General Secondary Education and Technical Secondary Education for students in the 5th and 6th year of high school. At the first edition we took the performance Steve Reich Evening as the starting point. The second edition focused on Zeitung. RondOmDans visits schools. A theoretical explanation in class aided by videos of Rosas shows introduces the pupils to contemporary dance. A visit to Rosas/P.A.R.T.S. is also on the programme (technique lesson in contemporary dance; attending a class with first-year PARTS students; viewing moment PARTS students; introduction to the performance by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker) The programme wants to prepare the students as well as it can for viewing the dress rehearsal. The trajectory is concluded with a final discussion in school. If you're interested in organising a RondOmDans project at your school you can contact Anne Van Aerschot.