Drumming & Rain: A Choreographer's Score

Drumming & Rain: A Choreographer’s Score is a conversation in which the Belgian choreographer Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker offers the performance theorist and musicologist Bojana Cvejić wide-ranging insights into choreography, and into the making of Drumming and Rain, two landmark works created to the music of minimalist composer Steve Reich. Both choreographies are known for a vitalist fusion of structural brilliance and virtuosic energy. Not only the superb dancing, but also the costumes by Dries Van Noten and the scenography by Jan Versweyveld participate in the integrated composition of the two performances.

This third and final edition of A Choreographer’s Score comprises a book of interviews, illustrated by numerous drawings, diagrams, photos, various choreographic and dramaturgical materials, and post-performance documents, as well as two DVDs including demonstrations performed by an excellent cast of dancers from the ensemble Rosas. The Ictus ensemble provides the live performance of Reich’s spellbinding music. The interviews are accompanied by a third DVD that presents an entire recording of Drumming (2012 revival) with optional voice-over commentary.

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Available in English (ISBN 978 94 6230 048 4) and French (ISBN 978 94 6230 057 6) | €44,95 | 1 book, 3 English-language DVDs with Dutch and French subtitles

Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, Bojana Cvejić

Research assistance
Anne Van Aerschot

Hans Galle (Rosas), Laurent Germeau (Mercatorfonds)

William Wheeler

Herman Sorgeloos, Anne Van Aerschot, Steven Peeters, Serge Leblon, Wolfgang Kirchner, Christian Leiber

Interviews with Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker by Bojana Cvejić; Recording & editing by Olivia Rochette & Gerard-Jan Claes

Graphic Design

Kees Eijrond (Rosas), Frederik Verrote (Rosas)

Printing and binding
Graphius, Ghent

Rosas, Mercatorfonds

  • A Choreographer's Score - Drumming & Rain - Excerpt
  • A Choreographer's Score - Drumming & Rain - Running Commentary