A Love Supreme

Photographer Anne Van Aerschot and Herman Sorgeloos followed the creation process of A Love Supreme in 1995 and the revival in 2017. Next to a large selection of pictures this photo book includes interviews and texts written by Stefan Hertmans, Wannes Gyselinck and Floor Keersmaekers. In English.

Photography Herman Sorgeloos, Anne Van Aerschot 
Authors Wannes Gyselinck, Stefan Hertmans, Floor Keersmaekers
Testimonials by Fabrizio Cassol, Lander Gyselinck, Rob Leurentop
Copy editing Anton Jäger
Proofreading Lindsey Westbrook
Coordination Hans Galle, Floor Keersmaekers
Graphic design Casier/Fieuws
Typefaces Helvetica Neue, Courier New
Paper Munken lynx rough 130gr 1.4
Printing and binding Graphius, Ghent
ISBN 978-90-8175-578-8