Festival d’Automne X Rosas

Published on 26.09.2022, 16:25

This year, Rosas presents two performances at Festival d’Automne in Paris: a new creation Forêt, made especially for the museum space of the Louvre, and Les six Concertos brandebourgeois (The Six Brandenburg Concertos, 2018) accompanied by live music at the Grande Halle in La Villette.


Forêt is a museum project for eight dancers, created for the first floor of the Denon wing at the Louvre. For this new project, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker collaborated with choreographer Némo Flouret. 

The Italian and French galleries of the Louvre are the starting point for a reflection on the image as a way of worldmaking. Forêt travels through the Louvre’s collection of paintings from the 14th to the 19th century to examine the emergence of visual culture and the modern scopic regime. It draws on the notions of limits and extremities, and activates the museum’s architecture and artwork, by exploring strategies of framing and by playing with scale, contrast, and excess. The choreography is based on movements of expansion and contraction, not only within the individual body, but also in relation to the organization of time and space. 

Exploring a variety of mediums, Forêt will arrive at a spectrum of situations and scenes, punctuating the spectator’s trajectory with unexpected rendez-vous...

  • From November 23rd until December 10th, 2022.


Les six Concertos brandebourgeois

Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker / Rosas & B’Rock Orchestra

In Les six Concertos brandebourgeois, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker returns to Bach for the fifth time. The Brandenburg Concertos consist of six concerti grossi, in which Bach deploys instruments from the baroque orchestra in different, often audacious constellations. Against this backdrop, De Keersmaeker sets sixteen dancers from different Rosas generations. She approaches Bach’s music as if it were a ready-made score for a dance piece, embodying Bach's polyphonic mastery.  “Like no other, Bach's music carries within itself movement and dance, managing to combine the greatest abstraction with a concrete, physical and, subsequently, even transcendental dimension.” The concertos are played live by the baroque ensemble B'Rock. 

  • From December 21th until December 23rd, 2022.


More information can be found on the website of the Festival d’Automne à Paris