April 27, Day of Dance with Dancingkids!

Published on 26.04.2024, 10:14

For the Day of Dance, the participants of the ‘Dancingkids Dance and Performance’ program will present the choreography Mini Waves, under the guidance of Rosslyn Wythes. The performance will take place on April 27, 2024, at Le Senghor cultural centre in Etterbeek.

Rosslyn worked with the Dancingkids participants around the use of canons in dance. She shared some movement with them, and invited them to create their own movement vocabulary through improvisation.

The canon structures they use ask us to negotiate, compromise and work together. It is challenging to dance and improvise inside an inflexible structure and this requires a state of listening and openness to be able to both receive and give information. The freedom of the individual is linked to the group, and creativity generates friction and tension which allows us to observe the collaborative skills of the performers.

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Title: Mini waves. 
Choreography: Rosslyn Wythes in collaboration with the performers
Dancers: Alice Aronsson-Brown, Ida Baltes, Ines Estievenart De Gracia, Leo Vandenplas, Lola Leghait, Luna Birghi Dugardin, Malou Declerck, Nour Distexhe Delahaut, Polly Persyn, Samuel Van Eyck, Sebastian Latorre, Stravriana Mele